Iva Kaufman

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Not for profit managemnt consulting . President Iva Kaufman Associates Consulting & Peace Development . Iva Kaufman Associates.


Iva Kaufman is a specialist in public relations and promoting collaboration among funders, and cooperation between business leaders and NGOs. She is an advocate of social investment and community reinvestment strategies and advises individuals, business leaders, and foundations on initiatives that address entrepreneurship, global issues, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, and local community concerns.
For over 40 years, Ms. Kaufman has worked with philanthropists and non-profit organizations on resilience, economic development, conflict resolution, and the financial empowerment of women and girls. She is committed to building a more just circular economy through a framework of funder and investor engagement, corporate social responsibility, human rights learning, and environmental action. In 2018-19, she consulted to the Stetson Family Office on the formation of a $60M Healthcare Impact Foundation and the launch of the Coalition for Better Health at Lower Cost in partnership with business, civil society, and representatives of several Member States at the United Nations.

Iva is currently the head of public relations for a new non-profit, Infrastructure for the People, which advances the goal of training the long-term unemployed for middle class jobs in the construction industry.

Iva also advises several ventures in life science, wellness, food and fertilizer, as well as media arts and culture. She is a US partner in the newly launched Uniquity Group, which assists investors to achieve their financial and philanthropic objectives in healthcare and healthtech; energy disruption; AI, data, blockchain; and digital transformation. She also works with the Metamorphosis Retreat to access capital and diversify entrepreneurship in the hemp/cannabis industry in Massachusetts and beyond.

Her non-profit portfolio also includes the recent launch of, support for Geoversity’s partnership with Indigenous tribes and youth leaders in Panama, and in 2018 the design and formation of the Global Center for Climate Resilience -- successor to the Florida Earth Foundation. She continues to advise the Alliance Institute as it advocates for innovative finance and regenerative strategies in the Gulf Coast region along the Mobile/Pritchard/Africatown National Park Blueway. Iva represents the Peacemaker Corps at the UN, bridging the digital divide through the integration of low-cost streaming video technology around the world. She continues her work with the American Sustainable Business Council where she established the Working Group for Women. She serves as board chair of the Circumpolar Conservation Union, as a trustee of the Peace Development Fund, and is a founder of the Peoples Movement for Human Rights Learning.

She is a graduate of the Lycee Francais de New York and holds a degree from the University of Chicago with a degree in Near Eastern Languages and Civilization.