Uriel Halbreich

Scientific Committee Members

Psychiatrist . University Buffalo .


Professor Uriel Halbreich is currently Director of Bio-Behavioral Research at the State University of New-York at Buffalo-SUNY_AB, USA. He is Chair of the WPA Section on Interdisciplinary Collaboration.Halbreich received the MD at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem Israel (1967) where he also completed Residency in Psychiatry (1978). He served as a Combat Doctor during the War of Attrition (1969-70) and was Vice-Chief Medical Officer of the Israeli Navy (1970-72).He was Chief Psychiatrist of the Israeli Navy (1976-78) (In active Reserve). He was invited to join the Psychiatric Institute of Columbia University, New York USA in 1978. Halbreich received the Ben-Gurion (1976) and the Yair Gon(1978) Awards as well as the US National Research Service Award(1978). He served as President of the International Society of Psycho-Neuro-Endocrinology-ISPNE, (1999-2002), Founding President of the International Association of Women`s Mental Health-IAWMH (2001-2004) and of the Hormones, Brain and NeuroPsychoPharmacology-HBN(1989-2000).

Halbreich published about 400 scientific papers, 14 books and over 700 abstracts. Currently he focuses on Stress as a Global Common denominator and on building Partnerships for Research and Services.